Get to know our Basketball Program: 212° Academy

February 1, 2024

In the dynamic world of basketball development, one academy stands out for its commitment to excellence both on and off the court. Welcome to 212° Academy, a thriving basketball program founded in 2020 by former Division I coach John Mahoney in Sarasota, Florida. With a vision to create a positive environment for players and families, 212° Academy goes beyond the ordinary, instilling life skills alongside top-tier basketball training.


At the helm of 212° Academy is Coach John Mahoney, a seasoned coach with a remarkable track record. Having coached some of the best Post Graduate, NCAA, and NBA players in the country, Coach Mahoney’s wealth of experience became the foundation for 212° Academy. His coaching philosophy extends beyond the court, emphasizing the importance of family, discipline, and personal development… the extra degree.


Coach Mahoney, previously built IMG Academy’s post graduate program up before building what we know today at 212° Academy. Since his time as a postgraduate coach, Coach Mahoney has helped send over 200+ Student Athletes to play at the collegiate level with a handful playing professionally in Europe, Asia and even the NBA. His illustrious coaching career, which includes stints at the University of Michigan and West Virginia University, helping get as far as the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA tournament as well as NIT Champions. Coach Mahoney also spent time at Duquesne University, Robert Morris University, and St. Francis University (PA). All of this has earned Coach a well-deserved Hall of Fame spot in the place that started it all, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (OLSH) High School after several state championships. 


Complementing John’s vision is  Co-Founder Dolan Mahoney, John’s son. Dolan graduated from IMG Academy and went on to play four years at Florida Gulf Coast University. With achievements like two NCAA Tournament appearances and an NIT Tournament appearance, as well as multiple Atlantic Sun Conference Championships, Dolan brings a winning mentality and valuable experience to the academy. Now working together as a father-son duo, John and Dolan Mahoney aim to elevate 212° Academy to new heights.


212° Academy sets itself apart by providing a comprehensive development program for its athletes. Beyond honing basketball skills, the academy prioritizes preparing players for the college basketball lifestyle. This includes rigorous practice sessions, personalized strength training, nutritional guidance, academic support, and essential life skills training.

The academy’s global appeal is evident as players, coaches, trainers, and teams from around the world seek out 212° for elite coaching. With a commitment to excellence and a holistic approach to player development, 212° Academy is becoming one of the nation’s leading Post Graduate and High School basketball options for athletes worldwide.


In essence, 212° Academy is not just a basketball program; it’s a transformative experience that molds individuals into well-rounded, successful athletes ready to conquer both the game and life beyond the court. With the leadership and experience their staff brings, the academy is poised for a future filled with achievements and the continued success of its student-athletes.