Get to Know our Soccer Program: DME Sarasota Soccer Academy

February 12, 2024

In the competitive realm of youth soccer, DME Sarasota Soccer Academy emerges as a standout, propelled by a dedicated team deeply invested in player development. The academy is part of a tri-venture ownership group, which includes DME Academy in Daytona – a boarding school and elite training campus serving over 250 athletes, IOI Ventures – a youth sports marketing, sales, and investment company, and Antista Enterprises. Notably, this group acquired Next Generation Soccer Academy on March 1, ’23, a club boasting over 20 teams and nearly 300 athletes in the ECNL-R.

At the helm of this audacious vision is Jared Antista, a trailblazer in youth sports since 2009 and the unwavering owner of DME Academy – Sarasota. Jared’s track record includes co-founding Go Pro Workouts, a sports-tech pioneer in mobile fitness training, and spearheading digital initiatives at IMG Academy. Post-IMG, he took the reins of marketing for Legacy Global Sports, an industry titan overseeing 10+ youth sports entities, including the colossal Global Premier Soccer.  Jared also launched IOI Ventures in December of 2019 and quickly scaled the business to 19 FTEs & 30+ clients. With a focus on the youth sports and hospitality space, his reputation for delivering results sets the tone for the culture of IOI and its employees.

As the current owner and coach for DME Academy – Sarasota, Jared exudes an unbridled passion for soccer. A former Division 2 player and captain of the men’s soccer team at Bentley University, his fusion of collegiate playing prowess and coaching acumen uniquely positions him to lead the charge.

Under Antista’s commanding leadership, DME Sarasota Soccer Academy transcends the conventional soccer club; it’s a powerhouse of expertise, innovation, and unapologetic passion. The academy demands not just participation but fierce dedication from its players and families, challenging them to embrace the pursuit of personal excellence. In this arena, mediocrity finds no place – only the relentless strive for greatness defines the ethos of DME Sarasota Soccer Academy, a place where grit and determination reign supreme.